One Sentence Summary (First Draft)

Okay guys, be honest. What do you think? I do plan on spicing it up but for right now I’m thinking this a good skeleton. I think.

A poised law school student is forced back into the world of spiritual healers and the demons that attack them when her father is murdered and her twin sister goes missing without a trace.

Don’t break the chain!!


On February 1st I will be starting my don’t break the chain calendar.

I know. I’m Hella late for new years resolutions and all that jazz. But I’ve been working on an outline that I’m really excited about. And don’t worry, I’ll definitely be sharing it with you.

A few weeks ago I ran across an independent author by the name of Garrett Robinson and he’s been doing this thing called VlogaNovel. I think that it’s a super cool idea and a great way to stay productive and motivated.

I can’t promise that I will be doing this but I kinda wanna try it out.

I’ll need some feed back of course. What do you guys think? Terrible idea or no?

If I decide to do it, I’ll be hosting the hangouts through my Google plus or either YouTube’s live feature. I’ll post the links to both in the future.

Anyway, see you again soon guys.

Also, what are your resolutions this year?

Merry Christmas Peeps!!

Okay. So, I haven’t been around much lately. I know. I feel awful about it. But, I’m planning a grand return in the next week or so for new years. It’s gonna be epic.

So maybe stick around a while, yeah?

Thanks to everyone who has been with me so far. You guys are an indescribable source of inspiration for me.

Have a great Christmas and I’ll see you soon.

DWW: Dead Woman Writing (Nanowrimo Day 17)

I absolutely love Nanowrimo. For one simple reason; it brings out the worst in people.I haven’t had as many threatening emails from my writing group all year as I have during Nano 2014. Seriously hilarious. People are stressed out and I can’t even act surprised.

Because honestly, I am too.

I’ve been struggling with finding a good balance in between writing and the rest of my life. And here we are, two days pass the middle of the month and I finally figured it out.

There isn’t one. There is no trick to balancing everything. Something is always gonna fall by the wayside. And this month, very different from the rest of the year where you have to fit in writing wherever you can, you have to fit in the rest of your life whenever you can. This is it. This is what it’s like writing professionally. It’s crazy and fast paced and all consuming.

And if this is what you want to do with your life, like I do, you jump on this train to crazy town every year and enjoy the ride.

Stress, threatening emails, and all.

Anyway, hope everyone is having as great of a time as I am. And I’ll be back with another update soon.

Nanowrimo 2014: Day 1

My novel I am writing this year is in the area of New Adult fiction. It’s fiction or non-fiction for and about those between the ages of 18 to 26. I found a book on it at Barnes and Noble a few days ago and I just fell in love with it. It’s basically about transitioning through that awkward phase of paying your own bills for the first time and “how the hell does Mom make the money stretch so far??”

My book is about a overachieving but failing miserably college student name Alliott Evan Ferguson. She’s twenty-two years old with her whole life ahead of her. Or is it her Dad’s life? It isn’t easy following your passions when you have a Mayor for a Father and everyone is expecting you to follow in his huge footsteps. After failing the Bar exam for the third time, Alliott has all but given up hope of ever becoming a lawyer and plans to tell her Father she is quitting the career track for good and taking up what she really loves, hip hop dance choreography. But on the way to the family’s annual Thanksgiving Gala, Alliott gets kidnapped by a band of urban extremists known as the Drake Hearts and held for the ransom of her life for her Father’s. It’s in the hold of her captor’s that she discovers the strength to be who she truly is and who her Father isn’t.

That’s all I got so far and I’d love any feedback you may have. There’s also some fantasy and drama in there as well.

Also, if you have time, you should check out the Genre of New Adult. I think it would help a lot of people get a handle on what they’re actually writing or just fall in love with something a bit different.